Finally Do Away With Inconsistent Client-Getting Troubles By Building a TRIBE-Worthy Email List of Ideal Clients… For FREE, If You Promise to Execute.

It's the exact system I've been using for years to fill up my own programs and affiliate offers and now I'm giving it to you...

5 Reasons Why You Need to Up Your Email List Game Right Now:

  • Email is greater than social mediaemails are up to 6x more likely to get clicks, more personable, and have higher sales conversions...
  • Messages go straight to your customers  without their Uncle Buck's tweets distracting them, making it a more exclusive relationship...
  • Your email list is YOURS – no one else’s, benefiting you with a real business asset and in some cases THE asset...
  • You’re always just a message away from your customers – making it a much more effective communication and sales channel...
  • Waaay better R.O.I. – (who doesn’t want that)...

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No matter where you are in the email subscription game, I can tell you right now that you’re no more than 100 subscribers away from a money-minting email list.

That’s Because 100 Subscribers Hanging On To Your Every Word Will Almost Always Beat Out 1,000 Who Don’t Give A Damn.


If you’re just starting, you only need a cool 100 to start your list and I'll show you how to get there in a matter of days. 


If you’ve been in it for a few years, well, you might just be inches away and I'll show you how you can make it clean, smooth, and AMPLIFIED.


We’re naturally wired to play the numbers game, aren’t we? We’re always racing to get more subscribers than we had yesterday.


And so many businesses fall into the trap of wanting more. 




I’m about to give you the whole “quality vs. quantity” spiel.


That quality piece… You know, the one that says that you need quality to get quality…

"quality over quantity" email list of buyers will be your business's biggest asset, because it can drive both new acquisition and lifetime value growth


I’m not kidding. I’d rather have 10 MEANINGFUL subscribers than a hundred who have no idea what I’m pedaling.


(I don’t play, and neither should you with your subscribers.)


So, why are you still taking those same 5 paces straight into brick and plaster? 

Really. Earning your prospects’ subscriptions are just in reach and if you’re going to land a new, long-term subscriber, you must:

  1. Grab a hold of any lead with an email address on it, even month-old one written on a cocktail napkin. 
  2. And send them something they WANT to read. Take cocktail-napkin-guy, for example. You might remember that he’s looking for that once-in-a-lifetime trip on a budget. Ask him if he’s still looking!
  3. Then rinse and repeat with your other leads.

Of course. That’ll prompt a reply (which you want!). Before you go bumping into bricks again, you pick up on…


Five things you need to learn:

  • The 1:1:1 rule behind successful email subscriber growth: one audience, one problem, one solution...
  • How to use the "Strategy of Preeminence" to take a prospect from stranger to client without spilling the snake oil...
  • How you can develop "like, know, and trust" relationships with your audience FAST to blaze through the “like, know, and trust” process with your audience ...
  • How to strategically develop an income-producing asset that serves as a lead generator and valuable asset in to your business... After all, you’re here to make money and grow, right?
  • How you can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that your offer (product and/or service) is what your audience wants...

You don’t need to be a copywriter. And you don’t need to be crafty. 


Simply put, this 5-day course gives you the Empathy, Strategy, Rapport, Growth, and Confidence to nailing email subscriber growth. 

Hi, I'm Afra Sanjari, a business "growth accelerator", That’s my title because I make growth happen fast, now, in the moment. Not after years of trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work.


I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the US (and maybe even in the world) like Cushman & Wakefield, CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), famous record labels like Universal and Def Jam, a few movie studios, Audi, Acura and dozens of local businesses. 


You know, the kind of companies that aren’t reinvesting billions just to wait and see if they grow. Some of these are results-driven corporate behemoths.


To cut a long story short, I owned a very successful thriving branding and advertising agency, made some of the most cutting edge websites for the likes of the Black Eyed Peas (never got to meet Will.i.am though) and eventually sold the business for bank. 


 So, you’re probably wondering why is this guy online talking up email subscriptions growth SPECIFICALLY? 


What’s so special about getting a few @’s from others online?

If There’s ONE Crucial Thing I’ve Learned In 16 Years, It’s The POWER Of Targeted Email Lists. 


I’ve tried SO many channels as a marketer (X, Y, Z...you name it). Nothing beats email. It consistently carries high conversion rates and as it grows, so does your ability to monetize multiple products.


Today, I help subject matter experts build a lifetsyle business by packaging their knowledge to create transformations for their clients. Want to know the single biggest asset responsible for driving growth for them? A proper email list.


Think about every company you’ve ever made a purchase from. Did you ever work with one that didn’t have an email list? 


An email list is critical because you can’t build your business on assets you don't own. If we are thinking like real media companies, the asset is in the audience. Getting an email address is the first critical step to our goal for driving sales and building lifetime value of each client.


Back before the internet was a thing, getting a lead’s home address was EVERYTHING. This is where you personally worked with them to solve their needs and push your sale.


Now, you have to work with their digital home address. Somewhere you can knock online. And quality subscribers will almost always open that door!


With email, you’re always in their inbox when they’re waking up, getting coffee, making dinner, or going to bed. People check their email more often than they answer their own doorbells.


As my email lists grew, so did my income! In this course I’m going to share my exact strategy with you!


I’m going to put you on the path of selling your products and services on a consistent basis, by giving you the MOST mission-critical ingredient:


A Targeted Email List That Grows On Autopilot.


The formula is simple: the more targeted subscribers you have on your list, the more sales you can make.


This is the simplest math equation on the planet, and trust me, it works. I’m telling you. This is the kind of stuff that will be in marketing history books 20 years from now.


But it only works if you grow that email list THE RIGHT WAY!


The important part? Not all email lists are created equal!


You don’t need to run crazy 30-day challenges or spend-your-life-savings-on-gift-cards giveaways in order to get a massive number of people on your list.

(this approach never works anyway.)


And this isn’t about volume, either. 50 highly targeted, interested subscribers are infinitely better than 5,000 people who don’t know anything about you or your product (and don’t care, either).


With the right list-building strategies, the ones I'm going to teach you here, you'll be on your way to a profitable and successful business.


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(Bonus: you'll be provided with a complete funnel template to speed-up the implementation. This funnel is responsible for millions of dollars generated.)

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